It is times like this that inspire people like me to have a voice. The team at Sarsblog is dedicated to write about real issues that affect the everyday people during this pandemic.


We understand that many of us have experienced job loss, are battling health issues, and enduring what is seemingly an endless pause to our lives. The mental, emotional and spiritual effects we are experiencing may in some instances outweigh the actual physical damages posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Sometimes it is the survivors that feel the most guilt and pain. Recovering from grief and having to rebuild from what is lost is no walk in the park.

This blog is for you and for those that have left this world behind. This platform was created to help you cope with your loss, to give you reason to move on and to help clarify some of the issues most mainstream media intentionally cover up.

My goal is to alert people of real issues so that we can take the necessary steps to make this world a better place.

We at SARSBOLG will try our best to remain factual so that we can be a reliable support system to you all in this time of uncertainty.

Thank you and welcome to SARSBLOG.

Your blog for better health and happiness!